Theme Options Overview

Learn how to configure the Theme using the Theme Options admin panel.

Accessing Theme Options

This Theme allows for extensive customizing. You can configure the Theme via the main Theme Options panel within the  WordPress Admin > Appearance > Theme Options area.

Most Theme Options have a correlating Page or Post option, which can be accessed via each individual Page or Post.

This means you can set a global setting via Appearance > Theme Options and if you wish to customize a particular Page / Post differently, you can override the global options via the correlating Page / Post options.

Customize Skins

To Customize the Colors, Typography, Background Images of the Theme, you can use the Skin Editor. Use this admin area to Customize existing Skins or Create New Skins. Access the Skin Editor via WordPress Admin > Appearance > Skin Editor .

If you wish to set a “Custom Skin” for an individual Post or Page, you can set your “Custom Skin” via the Page or Post options.