Access the Logo Theme Options via Appearance > Theme Options > Header

Display Logo

Choose to display the Logo within the Header area.

Logo Upload

Upload your standard size logo here.

Retina Upload

Upload your retina size logo here. This logo should be twice the size of the standard logo above.

Logo Margin

Set the Logo Margin values on Desktop here. If you require alternative values for the Logo when in Sticky Header mode, you can set those values within the Theme Options > Header > Sticky Header > Logo.

Display Tagline

Control the display of the Site Tagline. When enabled, the Tagline text will display beneath the Logo. The Site Tagline is set via WordPress Admin > Settings > General.

Mobile Logo

Use this area to define an alternative logo for Mobile.

Mobile Logo

Upload your standard size Mobile Logo here.

Retina Mobile Logo

Upload your retina size Mobile Logo here. This logo should be twice the size of the standard logo above.

Header Height

Set the height of the Header area. Use any valid CSS unit, e.g. 400px or 30vh.

Mobile Logo Position

Note: This option only appears if a Mobile Logo is set. Choose to display the Mobile Logo within the Header or Inline with the Dock Bar Icons.