Access the Lightbox Theme Options via Appearance > Theme Options > Lightbox.

Enable Lightbox

The Lightbox script is enabled by default, if you wish to disable the built-in Lightbox script, you can disable it here.


Choose how the Images appear within the Lightbox. Choose between scrolling Horizontally or Vertically.


Use this option to change the Skin of the Lightbox.

Background Opacity

Set the background opacity of the Lightbox when it’s active.

Infinite Scroll

To set the images to scroll continuously within the Lightbox, enable this option.


Enable this option to automatically enter a Slideshow of the images when the Lightbox is activated.


This options allows you to show or hide the arrows within the Lightbox.


Control the display of Thumbnails within the Lightbox.

CSS Classes

Add CSS classes of elements you wish to add enable the Lightbox to work with. The CSS element must contain a link to an image.