Dock Bar

Access the Dock Bar Theme Options via Appearance > Theme Options > Dock Bar

What is the Dock Bar?

The Dock Bar can contain a number of Custom Widgets within or above the Header area of the site. It can also contain Social Media Icons set via the Social Media Theme Options.

Dock Bar Position

This option controls the position of the Dock Bar. Set the Dock Bar to appear within the Header ( next to the menu ) or above the Header area.

Dock Bar Padding

Set the Dock Bar padding on Desktops.

Flyout Window Style

This option sets the style of the Flyout Window for Dock Widgets that are set to Flyout Window Format.

Search Widget

The Search Widget is a default Widget that can be enabled to display the Search Bar within the Dock Bar ( Inline ) or an icon that when clicked, displays the Search Bar ( Flyout Window ).

Custom Icons

The Theme allows you to add your own Custom Dock Icons or Widgets.

To add a Custom Dock Icon follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Icon
  2. Select which Widget Area to use ( Set via the WordPress Admin > Appearance > Widgets ).
  3. Choose to display Inline ( Directly Show the Widget within the Dock Bar ) or Flyout Window ( Show the Widget when the Icon is clicked ).