Create a Blog Page

Learn how to create a Blog page using the Blog Template.

Using Blog Templates

By using the Blog Template, you can set any page and any number of pages as a Blog page. Using the Page options, you can make each Blog Page unique, by setting options like Format, Grid Columns, Lazy Load and more. You can also specify the Categories you wish to display.



Apply the Blog Template

  1. Create a new page via WordPress Admin > Pages > Add New and Give the Page a title e.g. My Blog
  2. Goto Page Attributes and select Blog from the Template select menu – without this option set, the page will not function like a Blog



Configure the Blog Format
See the Page Options section for a definition of each of the Blog Template options ( Scroll to Blog Template ). For this example we’re going to set the following options, which are the same options I’ve used for the You Theme online Documentation.

  1. Click the Blog Template tab to reveal the Blog Page options
  2. We’ll set the Layout Format to Masonry Grid – this format works best with content that has variable sizes
  3. Enable the Boxed Post Style – this uses the Skin > Shaded colors to style the posts
  4. Set the Grid Columns to Three
  5. The You Online Documentation makes use of the Search Filter + Highlight function
  6. Choose a Category you wish to display on this page

You page is now a Blog page.

Warning: Do not assign this or any other Blog Template page as a Posts page in WordPress Admin > Settings > Reading – the Blog Page will cease to function.