Learn how to set a Background Color & Background Image for the entire site. This setting is useful if you’re using the Boxed site layout.

Background Skin Settings

All options below can be found within:
WordPress Admin > Appearance > Skin Editor > Background

Background Color

Use this option to set the Background Color.

Background Image

Use this option to set a Background Image. You can position the following settings to position the image.

Image Position

  • Center Center
  • Center Top
  • Center Bottom
  • Left Top
  • Left Center
  • Left Bottom
  • Right Top
  • Right Center
  • Right Bottom

Image Repeat

  • Repeat ( Ideal for pattern images )
  • Repeat X – Repeat along the X axis
  • Repeat Y – Repeat along the Y axis
  • No Repeat

Image Size

  • Cover – This option sets the image to cover the entire area
  • Contain – This option sets the image to contain itself within the area