Using Typewriter

Learn how to use the ACODA Typewriter Element to create 3d & Typewriter style animated text.

Install Typewriter Plugin

Please ensure the Typewriter plugin is installed. To install the plugin, goto the WordPress Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins > Locate ACODA Typewriter > Click Install.



To add a Typewriter Element to a page, Edit or Create a Page and click on Backend Editor or Frontend Editor to activate the Visual Composer.



Add the Typewriter Element
Next, we’ll add the Typewriter element to the page.

  1. Click + Add Element
  2. Goto the search bar and search Typewriter
  3. Click the Typewriter Element



Configure the Typewriter
Next, we’ll now configure the Typewriter. By default the Typewriter will use the settings shown in the diagram above.

  1. Animate Type – Choose between the Rotate 3d or Typewriter animation
  2. Lead Text – If you wish to display some static text ( lead text ) before the animated text, you can add it here, in most cases, this isn’t needed
  3. Font Color – Choose the Color of your Typewriter text
  4. Align – Set the alignment of the Typewriter
  5. Formatting – Set the format of the text. Only use the Heading 1 if there are no other Heading 1 tags on the page ( this is for SEO purposes )
  6. Font Weight – Choose the Font Weight of the Typewriter text
  7. Font Size – Set the Typewriter Font Size – the size differs depending on what formatting you’ve selected
  8. Duration – The Duration is the time the word is visible for, longer words require more time
  9. Delay – This value is the Delay time between each word animation – smaller values are recommended
  10. Pause – The Pause value is the Pause time at the end after all the words have been animated – use this to pause on the last word
  11. Text to Animate – These are the words you’re going to Animate, each line is animated at a time. You can use small sentences too. It’s not recommended to use the Typewriter to animate large sentences.
  12. Once you’re happy with the settings, click Save changes and Close